Ordering With Me During Covid times 2021.

Hi all, Joe here.

First off i Just wanna say thanks for ordering with me. As a small one man FLG it really means a lot to me. 

So with covid-19 and UK Covid Rules going on things are a little slower than normal right now.

Ordering Games Workshop products with us.

So we are now into 2021 and things are just the same as before.

Games Workshop and UPS both are struggling right now, so getting orders in for new stock might not be on time. Anything for pre-order/backorder as well.

A lot of stock issues with/ limitations on what we can order with Games Workshop as well.

So when pre-ordering new items /backordering items please keep in mind it not be with us that week or with you for release date. Due to Issues with Games Workshop and UPS. This is out of our hands and I'm doing the best i can to get it out on time. So please keep this in mind when ordering

Pre-ordering pokemon

Massive issues with Pokemon right now for official release dates.
They most of them are now being push back by a month or longer.
I will keep you updated as i find out, but right now we get told a day or two before stock is due same for if its pushed back or not.

so when pre ordering an item make sure you are prepared to wait in case it gets pushed back. If you cancel as you don't want to wait then don't order with us please. Due to this happening loads we will start issuing a 10% handing fee.

All the issues now Pokémon are out of our hands. So please keep that in mind. 

So when pre-ordering or ordering please keep this in mind. 
Check out our T&C before making any orders/ Pre-orders.

Please drop me a Facebook message or Email with anything you wish to know.

Emails might take a day or two as i'm getting 100's of emails a day right now.

Right now i'm off for chemo. A group of friends are keeping the shop going while i deal with this and the treatment.
If you order and wish for a refund I will try and get it issued asap.
but could take a while I'm in hospital. Please keep this in mind.

Thank you